Sunday March 31, 2019

Scripture Reading:  Luke 15

             The prodigal’s plan to return home and ask to be taken in as a servant sounds contrived. Perhaps he isn’t repentant at all, but merely playing at being humble so that his father will receive him generously.  Maybe God welcomes us even when our motives for coming to Him aren’t pure.

            Frankly, believing God won’t work things out until the end of history is cold comfort when we are in the pigsties of life, and some of us have indeed experienced the help of the Lord in the present time.  We also have the Bible’s witness that God is with us. 

            The prodigal son parable helps us to see the merit of coming to ourselves and taking responsibility for the direction of our lives and the solutions to the messes in which we get ourselves.

            As always, I hope you can join us Sunday mornings for worship at Willoughby Hills United Methodist Church.  We are located at 34201 Eddy Road, Willoughby Hills, OH  44094.  Our contemporary service begins at 9:30 a.m.  Our traditional service begins at 11:00 a.m.


Pastor Max


What do we mean when we say “Joyfully Helping God Heal Broken Lives?”

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