Welcome to Willoughby Hills United Methodist Church!

Do you have a secret hope?  Is there something inside you that says that you can make your corner of the world a better place?

Inside each of us, there’s a wish – a prayer – that we can make a difference.  Sometimes it’s hard to know how.

We believe we can help you find it.

WHUMC isn’t a place.  We’re people, who just like you, want to make a difference.  We’re looking for new ways to do just that, because that’s what we believe God wants us to do.  You’re invited to go on that journey, too.

Join us for Sunday Worship!  This Sunday, November 2nd will be a special service called “All Saints.”  At both services, we’ll thank God for people with whom we’ve shared life, who have passed away this year.  It’s solemn, yes.  But it’s also very powerful — and important —  for us to remember those who have gone before.  Each service will end with sharing the simple meal of Communion at the Lord’s Table.  


9am–Worship featuring our Praise Team

11am–Worship with music led by The Worship Choir

At both services there is nursery care for children up to age 3.  Except for the 1st Sunday of the month, there is Kids’ Church for children ages preschool through fifth grade.

Sunday School for all ages is offered at 10am.